I thought painting was done by someone who has special talent, and I thought I was not that person. Fortunately, I was wrong and I'm completely absorbed in painting pictures everyday.

I found I can paint freely whatever I want.

For me, art is to connect inner soul and help express different feelings and passions.

I hope my art will help you realize "you are originally perfect and have everything while you may just don't realize how special you are! "



Aug 2020: Joined the art workshop( let me start drawing pictures)

Oct 2020: Opened the Atelier Masumi online shop (7 pictures were sold on the first day)

Oct 2020: Invited/scheduled to exhibit at National Selected Art Exhibition in Feb2022 at UenoTokyo 

Dec 2020: Started my own workshop Atelier Masumi

Feb 2021: Invited/scheduled to exhibit at Carnegie Hall in New York in Oct 2021 “World Peace Art Exhibition 2021”

Feb 2021:Conducted Atelier Masumi Group Exhibition Vol.1 in Tokyo

Apr 2021: Exhibit “ROMANTICA-Shape of my Art” at M.A.D.S. art gallery in Milan

Jun 2021:"Focus Art Fair" in Paris

Jul 2021:Encouragement Award at Picture Book Publishing Award

Jul 2021:World Peace Exhibition 2021 in Tokyo

Sep 2021:Salon international d'art contemporain art3f in Luxembourg

Sep 2021:Exhibit"DE.MO" at M.A.D.S. art gallery in Milan


 Making clothes and custom made dress with my artworks fabric.